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These girls make my day!

Posted on: March 20, 2008


Michelle was so sweet to give me such a cute award on her blog! Thanks so much! It definitely made me smile. Hehe… almost makes me feel bad for never updating this thing.

I think I’m supposed to give this to 10 people…. but I don’t really know 10 people who have blogs. My friends’ blogs kind of died down. :-( But, I’ll give it to the two ladies whose blogs I cannot get enough of…. Well, Perez Hilton is also in my Google reader, but I doubt he cares if he makes my day, lol.

So this award is going right back to Michelle… her cooking blog and food pictures make me drool on my keyboard several times a week. I can only hope to one day have her mad cooking/baking skills, as I’m sure Jon would appreciate that too. She is just one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I’m glad Nick married her! :-D We have tons in common, it’s almost like I’m talking to myself sometimes. And how can I not love a girl who is sacrificing a seat at a Billy Joel concert to come to my wedding??? I owe ya one, Michelle! Can’t wait to see you next month.

And the other blogger I’m sending a shout out to is the ever talented Kamila, our wedding photographer. I always anxiously await her next post because her photographs are nothing short of amazing. It’s also so nice to see someone who truly enjoys her work… such a breath of fresh air compared to the grumps I work with, lol. She has been super nice to me throughout the our wedding planning by answering every single one of my silly questions. I wanted a new hobby for when the wedding is over, and her work totally inspired me to pick up a camera and re-learn photography. And she was so sweet to offer me a chance to tag along with her sometime so I can practice. We’ll see if I can build up the courage! I definitely can’t wait to work with her next month!

4 Responses to "These girls make my day!"

aww!!! you’re so cute :)

and by the way I was wondering what happened to your blog – on blogger – btw wordpress blogs are so much nicer/cooler – so yeah now i’m going to keep up with this one :)

you haven’t really missed much since i moved to wordpress… i never really have anything interesting to say.

i got freaked out on blogger because of the sitemeter, lol. it was a little scary when some guy in texas googles “catholic school girl” at 2am and can find my blog. here i can opt out of search engines.

it was seriously so easy to switch! one button click and all the posts and comments moved over.

Aww thanks Aud! You’re so sweet :)

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